Who is behind the ILT Program

Anna Serraïma Petit
Co-founder of BcnCoaching
Integral Master Coach™
Anna Serraïma COACH
She obtained the accreditation as Integral Master Coach™ by the Integral Coaching Canada school in 2010, after studying and training for two years in the US and Canada. She is a Practitioner and Master in Coaching and NLP.

Since then, her professional activity has focussed, on the one hand, on making known the practical facet of the integral map, looking for ways to deploy it within organisations and, on the other hand, on successfully using Executive Coaching with leaders of different sectors.

One of the fruits of her experience accumulated during the last years working with leaders, and seeing their concerns and needs, is the idea of creating a leadership program based on the canons of Integral Theory.

The result, after a year of reflection and research to define a coherent and solid structure and to make decisions in relation to the contents being worked on, is the Integral Leadership Training. She is responsible for imparting the training program and conducting the Executive Coaching sessions.

Anna Serraïma is a partner and founder of the BcnCoaching company and a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation). Her passions include art in all its manifestations, dancing and traveling to get to know other cultures and ways of seeing the world. Her natural tendency, when it comes out into the world and she observes it, is to see it from the two lower quadrants.
Carles Flo Esteve
Co-founder of BcnCoaching
Carles Flo Pedagog
He has a degree in Pedagogy. He is a Practitioner, Master and Trainer in NLP. He combines work in BcnCoaching with the writing of textbooks and editing tasks.

For years he has searched and analysed methods that facilitate the teaching and learning process. Until one day, in a meditation seminar, he came up with a simple axiom, with deep connotations however, that says: "Where we place attention it is possible to know, to get to know, to understand. Where we do not place attention, none of this is possible. " Linked to this axiom, came the certainty that the essence of pedagogy is surprise, a resource that allows us to place ourselves in a state of full and continuous attention on the present that is happening right now.

As the person responsible for the pedagogical part of the Integral Leadership Training, his task has been to create a coherent, orderly and sequenced route that facilitates the learning and the integration of the contents of the program. The aim was to generate surprise and, together with the novelty of the contents, attract the attention of the attendees. Everything that is written goes first through him. He attends the training sessions to provide support.

Carles Flo is a partner and founder of the company BcnCoaching. He enjoys watching his daughter grow up, he practices meditation following the canons of the Vedanta Advaita philosophy, and he feels a predilection for racket or shovel sports and hiking. His natural tendency, when he comes out into the world and he observes it, is to see it from the two upper quadrants.
Elvira Merino
Integral Professional Coach
Elvira Merino COACH
She has a degree in English philology. She is certified as an Integral Coach™ by the Integral Coaching Canada school and is a Practitioner in NLP. She acts as an assistant in the training sessions and collaborates in organisational matters making sure that everything is in place. She has a contagious laugh and is a great hostess.

Maria Trias
Integral Professional Coach
Maria Trias COACH
She has a degree in Humanities. She is pursuing a doctorate in leadership and organisational theory. She is an Integral Coach certified by the New Ventures West school and has a master's degree in organisational leadership from the University of San Diego. She has been involved in the development of the dynamics and practices that will be carried out during the training. She is an inexhaustible source of resources.
Javier Valmaseda
Javier Valmaseda Dissenyador
Graphic designer. He is in charge of the design and the creative element of the program and the materials. The graphic image of BcnCoaching has been developed by his hands and mind. He is the last filter when it is time to make decisions and he is always there when he is needed.
Lucía Arana Igarza
Marketing & Communication
Lucía Arana Com
Journalist and community manager. She is responsible for the entire communication and marketing apparatus of BcnCoaching. She sees life as a network, where everything is interconnected. She is a great animal lover, an activist animalist and vegan. 

Photos: Adriana Pimentel